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Bittern Primary School strives to provide a challenging and innovative numeracy curriculum that meets the varying needs of each individual student. The school’s numeracy curriculum is drawn from AUSVELS and incorporates the content strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

Bittern Primary School understands that each student has their own learning history with diverse and changing needs. The staff at Bittern Primary School are committed to meeting these needs in relation to numeracy, through implementing the following key factors;

? Individual Learning Plans for students.

? Implementing maths activities that cater for a wide range of learning styles.

? Employing the use of open-ended learning activities.

? Having an emphasis on investigation and problem solving.

? The explicit teaching of specific numeracy skills and facts.

? Using a range of structures within the classroom including group work, peer tutoring and individual activities.

? The integration of current and new technologies into numeracy programs.

? Ensuring that a wide range of numeracy resources are available for use by staff and students.

? Staff members participating in professional development, to ensure the numeracy programs offered are engaging and conform to the idea of teacher ‘Best Practise.’

? Through integrating the numeracy curriculum with other curriculum areas within the school.

At Bittern Primary School we believe that we offer a numeracy program that will assist students in becoming confident in their own abilities. When students leave our school we believe that they will have the skills required to

? Approach numeracy problems in a logical, coherent manner.

? Be able to apply abstract mathematical concepts to real life situations.

? Understand and be positive about the role mathematics plays in society.

? Provide a solid knowledge base for their advancement to secondary college.

At Bittern Primary School we strive to provide a positive, informed learning environment that celebrates student achievement within mathematics. Our staff hold the belief that all students are capable of achieving highly and this is consistently reinforced to our students through our numeracy programs.