Victorian Essential Learning Standards

The curriculum offered at Bittern Primary School follows the Victorian Essential Learning Standards at four levels with extension to Level 5 for some students.  The relationship between the levels and the years of schooling is;
Level 1 – Prep Year
Level 2- Years 1 and 2
Level 3- Years 3 and 4
Level 4- Years 5 and 6
While it is recognised that student learning is a continuum from Years Prep to Year 10, and that different students develop at different rates, they broadly progress through two main stages while at primary school.


Years Prep – 4  Laying the Foundation
In these years the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and other areas including physical and social capacities which underpin all future learning.


Years 5 and 6  Building  Breadth and depth
In these years students progress beyond the foundations and their literacy and numeracy becomes more developed.  An expanded curriculum program provides the basis for in depth learning within all domains in the strands.


Bittern Primary School is part of the Western Port Cluster of schools.  We work closely with Crib Point Primary, Hastings Primary, Hastings Westpark Primary and Western Port Secondary College to build close ties and to continually improve the teaching and learning in the cluster schools.


Class Size
Bittern Primary supports the smallest possible class sizes that it can each year.  We strive to meet the Department of Education target of a maximum of 21 students in each Prep – 2 class.


Specialist classes
At Bittern Primary School specialist classes will be offered in Physical Education, Art and ICT (Computers).  Religious Education is offered when available.


Children in Years 3-6 play a sport each week and often compete against other schools in a local competition.  Students have the opportunity to compete at a school, district, regional and state level in a variety of sports.


Each classroom has 3 computers used regularly for literacy, numeracy and other subject areas. Classes also have timetabled sessions in our Computer Lab. We also have a number of digital cameras.