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School Organisation





Established in 1916, Bittern Primary School is located five kilometres west of Hastings, in a semi-rural setting.  It is part of the Western Port cluster of schools.

Bittern Primary School aims to provide a caring and challenging learning environment in which students feel safe and supported to achieve their best and to equip students with the skills, abilities and knowledge to become valued members of the community.

The values of the school are embedded in the culture of the school, including - Respect, Trust, High Expectations, Professional Attitude and Teamwork.


The school is focused on improving students' outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy and there is a strong sense of connectedness for the students in the school, with a focus on student leadership and a healthy Student Representative Council.

The school has used the resources available in an effective and creative way by utilising existing open spaces.

The school has programs that encourage community participation and a variety of extra curricula activities.  The school promotes healthy living and active lifestyles by the strong emphasis on sport and physical education.  The school has been represented by students at zone level in athletics, cross country and rugby.



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