Physical Education at Bittern PS aims to;

Build a solid fundamental motor skills base amongst students.

Increase the overall health and fitness of students.

Develop positive life attitudes to being active and participating in group activities.

Foster the skills and attitudes necessary to work in group and team situations.

Develop the ability to utilize tactics and strategy in game situations.

Create a positive self-attitude and willingness for individuals to extend themselves.

Our PE program works through a range of activities throughout the year that focus on specific skill sets and the adaptation of these skill sets to the minor, major or modified game environments. Minor games are generally applied to infant levels (grades prep, 1 & 2), modified games to middle years (grades 3 & 4) and major games to senior years (grades 5 & 6). Student input, feedback, reflection and collaboration are elements of all sessions

A typical PE session would include; 

Establishing the sessions learning intention and focus.

Group warm up using both dynamic and static movements.

Skill breakdown and linkages into complete movement patterns.

Application of skills in a closed environment.

Application of skills in an open environment such as game situation.

All areas are threaded through the year in all sessions but a focus always exists to ensure broad coverage of skill development.  A typical year within the PE curriculum may look like;

Term 1 – Developing, consolidating and extending the fundamental motor skills, especially with a ball skill focus including; rolling, catching, kicking, striking (single and double arm), throwing, bouncing/dribbling. 

These skills may be applied to modified versions of T.ball, basketball, netball, cricket etc as well as specific minor games for infant grades that exhibit the desired skill sets.

Term 2 – Developing, consolidating and extending fundamental skills, especially with a whole body focus including; spatial awareness (objects and group members), dodging, leaping (one, two foot take offs and landings), vertical jump, running, and fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility).

These skills may be achieved through activities such as gymnastics, dance, obstacle courses, orienteering and PMP.

Term 3 – Developing , consolidating and extending fundamental skills especially related to athletic disciplines including; jumping for height,  jumping for length,  jumping with different combinations, throwing for distance, jumping for speed, running.

These skills may be applied to athletic or modified athletic activities such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, shot put, discus, sprints and relays

Term 4 – At this stage of the year, the focus shifts to group and game strategy with the emphasis in development of newer or unfamiliar games.  A big part of the program for the middle to senior students at this time of the year is the Bike Education Program which culminates in a group on road ride and swim day near the end of the year. We tend to get as many parents on this ride as students.

Examples of these games may include rugby league, lacrosse (softcrosse) or hockey.

Bittern Primary also offers a yearly two week extensive swimming program which is undertaken at either Crib Point Pool or Pelican Park and runs in addition to normally timetabled PE sessions. External instructors are used for this program.

Bittern Primary prides itself on a well defined, highly valued and well organized Physical Education program.




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